Computer Forensics Services for Individuals

Computer Forensics of Boston provides computer forensic examinations for individuals as well as corporations. In our experience, each person has different needs and each case is unique.

Individuals who have something to hide often believe that deleting or hiding an e-mail or file will protect them from being discovered. Computer Forensics of Boston can search areas of the computer which cannot be normally accessed using conventional means.  For more details, please review our website’s homepage.

The types of cases we can assist with include:

  • Divorce: Our experts can assist in matters of an unfaithful spouse as well as other marital issues where one partner has deleted, altered or protected computer information from being seen by the other party. We can help with the discovery of hidden and deleted emails, pictures, documents, spreadsheets and other relevant data.
  • Spying Spouse: A client, recently divorced, was being harassed by her former spouse. She was being told that he could see everything that she was doing. Computer Forensics of Boston can help you uncover unethical invasions of your privacy.
  • Embezzlement: In the case of one client, her spouse was systematically selling investments and directing proceeds to a private account. Our examiners know where to look for incriminating evidence.
  • Family, children, child custody, and marital issues pertaining to computer usage: We can assist in cases of suspected pornography, Internet usage, file downloading, chat room history, email history, computer program usage, and the discovery of hidden and deleted files.
  • Teens: In one case, a parent wanted to know what their son was doing online. Our investigation showed that their son was frequenting pornography sites. In another case, a young teenage girl was discovered frequenting chat rooms and conversing with unknown parties. We can help you find out how your teens are spending their time on the web.
  • Wills: Computer Forensics of Boston can help you resolve estate issues in the absence of a paper will. In one notable case, a decedent’s computer was examined to determine if there was any information relevant to a will. The decedent was a cryptologist, and many files had to be “cracked” as they were encrypted. Information was recovered that helped settle the decedent’s estate.

Computer Forensics of Boston can also remove pornography, and illegally obtained software.

All situations are treated as if they could end up in a court of law or other legal proceeding, and methodologies used will be the same. It is important to note that you must have a legal right to access the computer in question before we will perform any work. If you are not sure whether or not you have a right to access the machine in question, we strongly suggest you consult an attorney.

Computer Forensics of Boston recommends that you have the hard drive(s) removed by an experienced computer technician and shipped to us. We can also provide on-site service at your location for an additional cost.

When it comes to retrieving critical electronic data, time is of the essence.

We encourage you to contact us today at 1-800-868-8189 or email us to discuss your needs in more detail. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Computer Forensics of Boston, proudly serving The greater Boston metropolitan area and worldwide.