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Who Needs Computer Forensics?

Any potential victim of a computer crime can benefit from computer forensic services. The computer has invaded our very existence, become a part of our lives, and is an integral part of almost every case — from complex litigation and class actions to contract disputes. Computer crimes are crimes in which computers are used as a tool to facilitate or enable an illegal activity, or have been a target of criminal activity.

Computer forensics services can be used by anyone who thinks a crime or breach of policy or a wrong has been done. They may also be utilized by someone who is defending or protecting themselves or another party and are looking for evidence to prove or disprove the commitment of a crime or breach of information.

Consider these statistics:

It is estimated that over 85% of all crimes and infractions committed today contain a digital signature.

  • 85% of all corporate data is stored electronically.
  • 93% of new data is stored electronically.
  • Approximately 75% of this stored information is never printed.

Consequently, in almost every legal matter, relevant evidence is stored electronically to some degree. Proper collection and examination of this evidence is critical to avoid spoliation, to preserve the evidence, and to manage cost. Computer forensics is the methodology used to ensure that electronic evidence is properly acquired and handled in a way that maintains its evidentiary status.

It is well-documented in the media that computer or digital evidence has been the smoking gun in many high profile cases. With the majority of new information in businesses of all sizes being created and stored on computer systems, it is undisputable that digital evidence should be considered a primary source of evidence. It is certainly not in anyone’s best interest to ignore potentially relevant sources of evidence in case, including computer evidence.

Computer forensics is our one and only focus, and we are committed to your satisfaction.

Computer forensics is our one and only focus, and we are committed to your satisfaction.

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