Computer Forensics of Boston has been hired by Law Firms, client corporations, Individuals, government, and other organizations around the world. Our clients include entities from a multitude of different industries including Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 corporations in the Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Consulting, Oil & Gas, Banking and Insurance industries. 

Computer Forensics of Boston’s E-Discovery practice includes assisting law firms involved in high-profile cases such as consumer and shareholder class action lawsuits, IP infringement cases, securities fraud and general commercial litigation. 

Computer Forensics of Boston has a wide range of experience in both the public and private sector, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to governmental agencies, from large international law firms to solo practitioners. Given the often confidential nature of the services we provide, we feel it more appropriate not to provide a public listing of our clients. However, we are more than happy to provide references upon request. 

Computer forensics is our one and only focus, and we are committed to your satisfaction. 

We encourage you to contact us today at 1-800-868-8189 /(508) 205 9821 or email us to discuss your needs in more detail. All information will be kept strictly confidential

Computer Forensics of Boston, proudly serving The greater Boston metropolitan area and worldwide.